Lack Of Fiber Optics

By Meo Mizzle

Companyies such as bloor homes, barratt homes etc should be be made to fit fiber optic cables as standard to all new build housing estates, working with local councils/suppliers as part of the planning process, thus giving a greater opportunity to use other providers for a faster broadband & TV experience.

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5 Responses

  1. Jan K. says:

    Fibre Optics have always been in use it’s misleading advertising that makes people think that they haven’t got “Fibre Optics” fibre optics is in almost every house in UK old or new.

  2. Elizabeth Onyeka says:

    That right to make life cheaper and simplier.

  3. James says:

    Jan K, I don’t know where or what you have been reading, but hardly any homes in the UK have fibre optics. Only those on BT’s infinity or other ISP alternative which was only introduced in the past 2 years or anyone who has paid to have a private leased line.

  4. meomizzle says:

    We live in a new build, been here 3 years and the estate is still a work in progress. Both BT and Virgin have confirmed that there are no fiber optics. Plus virgin have advised that it would be ‘way outside of their budget’ to install. typical, lay nice new roads and pavements, only then to have them dug up when they ‘have the budget’

  5. greg says:

    I think what Jan K is on about is optics between exchanges Rather than optics to the house (FTTH) or the cabinet in the street (FTTC).

    The bottle-neck in the current BT network is the copper between the home and the exchange. It’s about time BT replaced their network though. Some of it’s ancient!

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