Save our fish from herons

By Anton

There are many ideas to deter herons from eating our valuable pond fish, but there must be a better way. I use fishing line spaced about two feet apart over my pond in a sort of tent. Not the prettiest of things but perhaps there should be some sort of device which detects and deters a heron without affecting pets or other wildlife. Something that moves and makes a noise but doesn't upset anyone using the garden or drives the neighbours to distraction.

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  1. Jake kitchen says:

    A lot of people put heron models next to their ponds. This makes the heron think that it is another herons teritory and deters it. For my pond we put fine netting (used to cover strawberrys and plants to protect them from birds) over the pond. This means the herons cant get to the fish, and also means when the fish are very acive and jumping about during spawning they cant accidently jump outof he pond.

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