900 Channels of ‘Nothing On TV’

By Marc Barker

Typical TV companies run several (sometimes dozens) of different TV channels. Because they are all spreading their funding so thinly to support each channel means all the programs are poor quality or are repeats. The result is the viewer is constantly channel-hopping between hundreds of channels of 'nothing on tv' each time an advert is about to appear. The answer is obvious: Instead of having 900+ channels of 'nothing on', instead put all that time and effort into a much much smaller number of really-high-quality programs in super wide screen extra-HQ quality. Everyone will so be glued to the screen that they wouldn't want to switch channels because they might miss something. Not only that but sustained viewing rate for a high-quality channel would skyrocket because viewers wouldn't be trying to watch 99 other channels at the same time. Not only that, but when the bandwidth previously spread over 100 channels is concentrated into a single extra-high-HQ program there would be much less lost in data compression; all picture movement would look as clear and natural as real life; all lip-sync, jerky movement and picture breaking-up problems would be a thing of the past. Because there's almost no data compression and as such no huge data processing needed means that these TV's can be as cheap or possibly even cheaper than current TV's are now. A great step in the right direction is to start off by using the unused analog frequencey spectrum that's now become avaialble since the 'switchover'. In there there's enough space for maybe nine or 10 of these super-high quality channels with nothing lost due to data compression. A large corporation can be set up to concentrate all their effort into making super-high quality programs which will be screened on super-HQ equipment that does these programs full justice. We are already making these high quality programs right now, they are the ADVERTS. All that's needed is to concentrate the all effort and money into making programs of the same quality as the adverts. Otherwise, it's back to channel-hopping through 900+ channels of 'nothing on tv' which have no purpose other than filling in time between adverts!

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3 Responses

  1. stephen miller says:

    British TV is becoming a joke, I don’t watch TV anymore because of the constant adverts. I think they have these extra channels so they can get more advert airtime than programme airtime.

    The first thing that surely has to go is surely all the +1 channels, I have on demand and I can record, I don’t need for them to be showing repeats literally an hour after they were first on. Who on Earth came up with the idea of the +1 channel?

  2. Mark McBain says:

    But the reason there are so many channels is because people want variety. That’s your bottom line right there. There are something in the region of 20 million homes in the UK with TV’s, it’s hard to think that everyone will get what they want to view if there are only a “small number of really high quality programs” also there are “rules” about competition in the market place, so there has to be a lot of different channels made by a lot of different companies. The analogy spectrum is no good as we all have digital equipment now and the government will have money making plans for it. Data compression wouldn’t stop either, that’s not about making space for more data. It’s about making the data cheap and efficient to transmit. And I don’t want to have to go out and spend a packet on a new super wide screen extra HQ “quality” TV, I like the TV I’ve got :)

  3. Jack Watkins says:

    i’ll stick with netflix personally! TV on demand is the way of the future.

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