…is that bus stopping or not?!

By radan radable vasulin

Remeber the tension as a bus is approaching your bus stop... and you catch yourself doing that excercise of making yourself briefly OBVIOUS in a reasonably civilized way? Let's put the "BUS STOPPING" light sign on the *outside* front of a bus, too! That way, every time the bus is stopping anyway -as someone is about to get off, as often happens- you wouldn't need to worry about it: you've spotted the light/sign is on, you know the bus driver is stopping. Bucketloads of eagle stress spared! Smile instead. :) Discussion: the only downside i can think of is that you'd still need to "indicate" that you'd like to board the bus. I'll argue that would be half the effort of making yourself noticeable to fifteen ton vehicle. And you can put the effort into greeting the driver too.

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  2. Bundy says:

    A bus indicator does this job. You put your hand out, they indicate to pull in. Job’s a guddun.

  3. Amir says:

    It would be better if there was a ‘Request Bus’ button on bus stop poles, activating a red beacon at the top of the pole which bus driver’s can see to indicate a requested stop.

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