The Battle With The Duvet Cover…

By Amanda

It's time to change the duvet cover.......Aaaaaaaaarrrrrraaaaagggghhh!!!! After the usual fight the covers finally on but you're hot and bothered and a little stressy and just need to have a rest :/ Possibly THE most annoying thing to have to do!!! So how about.....put the buttons or poppers along the side?? Lay the bottom of the cover flat on the the duvet on top...fold the top over the up the buttons or poppers along the side.... Stop feeling like you went for an hour at the gym just by changing your duvet!!! :)

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3 Responses

  1. rose baxter says:

    may be a good idea for someone with restricted shoulder mobility but i suspect the poppers would pull open during any slightly restless night, my bottom poppers (on the quilt that is!) often do.
    (I find the inside-out quilt cover technique easy enough.)

  2. Hattie says:

    I agree about the poppers coming open too easily. I solved the problem by making my own duvet covers like huge pillow slips. I have to use the inside-out method to get them on, but once on they stay put.

  3. John says:

    Actually the secret is rather simple.

    Slide the mattress off the bed so its at an angle with the bed. Simply slip the cover on the “peak” and when done slide the mattress over the other side of the bed. The bottom half will be the “peak” this time so lift and slip on the remaining two corners.

    it’s less than half the effort of doing each corner when the mattress is flat.

    Also, get proper fitting covers in the first place. Don’t forget covers start to shrink after a few washes.

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