Browsing History

By Ant Godfrey

If you leave it in, you get busted. If you delete it, it looks dodgy. Why can't your browsing history not log visits to certain sites? We all know which ones. It could be called Porno-proof.

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4 Responses

  1. wman2 says:

    Already exists. It’s called InPrivate Browsing in Internet Explorer, Incognito mode in Google Chrome and Private Browsing in Firefox.

  2. dee1969 says:

    im lost meself.. id like to say i cud do better ,but i cant:’(

  3. Phil Robinson says:

    Erm, most modern browsers have an incognito mode (chrome, IE, firefox) for such.. ahem, discretions… which mean that you arent tracked, no history taken etc etc.

    Porn has driven (like most other things) the internet from close to inception… this browser feature is no different.

  4. Bill says:

    Or you could just open an “Incognito Mode” tab in Google Chrome ;)

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