Ever think 'I could do this better'?

We want to know... it just takes 4 simple steps! We'll choose the best solutions and work with you to try and make it.

Find a problem that makes you think
'I could Do This Better'
Order some 'Do This Better' stickers Slap your sticker on the problem
and take a photo
Upload the photo and tell us how you would
do this better or tweet it using the hashtag


By Joe Simpson
I really dislike banks how simply these days it purely involves moving numbers around computers yet it takes up to 3 days for transactions to be visib... Read more
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Use of NFC???

By Mick Wharton
Many smartphones are now said to have a Near Field Chip (NFC) but which ones? They should help inform us "What's On" locally, e.g., events at Xmas, b... Read more
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